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S10 Countdown: 24 days - or
Take a bow play the part of a lonely lonely heart - Mika/Any Other World - SPN S10 Promo {x}

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About Dean


Long ago, I made a post describing all the ways I loved Dean and I think it pretty much sums up how I feel about this character even though it’s been many years ago since I wrote it. I don’t think I could say it much better. It isn’t often that I connect with a character on such a deep level and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt quite so passionate about any character as I do Dean. Most especially when I’m writing Dean. 

This character has been fleshed out so well and portrayed with such care by Jensen Ackles that I really do feel like he’s a real person sometimes. We often joke around about forgetting that he’s just a TV character, but I feel like I really do know this person (character). This is why I’m so protective and defensive of him. To me, he is a reliable constant in a world of chaos and constant struggle. To some of us, he is the epitome of everything we want in a man. To others, he is the brother we never had. For a few of us, we see ourselves in him. Whatever the reason, he has captured my heart in a way that no other character ever has or ever will again.

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We tend to see the tragedy of What Is And What Should Never Be as Dean and Sam not being close in that dream world as they are in their reality, but what gets me is the reason for that. Dean’s wish was that his mother never died, and in that world — the world that was created in his own head — she raised a family, John was a regular dad who played in a baseball league, and Sam got to go to Stanford and get engaged to Jess. But Dean was still a drunk who lied and stole even from his own family. He was a disappointment to his mother and estranged from his brother. He couldn’t even image himself with Cassie or Lisa. He had to make up a girlfriend from a beer ad. So, the real tragedy of What Is And What Should Never Be is that Dean thinks so little of himself that he couldn’t image himself as a better person. He thinks that his dishonesty, drinking, and stealing are inherent and not a result of the way he was raised and the life he’s lead. 

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As long as I’m avoiding my Russian homework, I’ll share my Jensen op with the world.

So I happen to be friends with these chicas, and Emily was with me at NJ Con. I didn’t know what to do for my Jensen op, so she spotted me money for eight bananas like a true homie.

When it was my turn for the op, I just said "They’re baaaaaaaaaack~"

He fucking lost it.

Once he stopped laughing, still smiling a stupidly wide smile he asked “What are we gunna do??” “I dunno, what do you want to do with eight bananas?” He tried to grab them all from me. I grabbed one back, because wow rude don’t just grab at my bananas that’s my potassium for the week the nerve of these celebrities I swear to god
Jensen: “Okay, what now?”
"I don’t know what you’re going to do, but I have to make a call…"

He hands them back to me, and I assure him that Clif will keep them safe until he’s done with his ops. 

I only regret that when he asked me “What are we gunna do?” I missed the opportunity to say “Go bananas” because, duh. I dropped the ball on that one.

Anyway, Jensen Banackles is back.

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songs of supernatural (insp)

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"And somewhere along the way, he lost his smile."

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Demon Dean in the Season 10 promo (x)

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i think i have died and gone to heaven

i am reblogging myself

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Sam, I know you think you’re gonna try to fix me, but maybe I don’t wanna be fixed.

SPN Season 10 promo (x)

"I like the disease."

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