uggghhhhh I don't know what to quote here now I'm getting anxious!!!!!

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Jensen on how he created Demon!Dean and how Demon!Dean ~ticks (x)

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Make Me Choose | anonymous asked:

↳ Castiel’s Eyes or Dean’s Eyes
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It looks like he’s sayng fuck me.

So very true

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N°19 in the series “Fi and I made a thing” - SN: 1x16

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Is it true that supernatural has a gif for everything?
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I’ve got blood
I’ve got blood
I've  got  blood  on  my  name

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look in the mirror. are you sure you’re you? are you sure you didn’t slip out of yourself in the middle of the night, and someone else slipped into you, without you or you or any of you even noticing? (x)

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 Jensen Ackles, onstage at the ‘Supernatural’ panel during the El Rey Network portion of the 2014 Summer Television Critics Association


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Jensen Ackles at the 2014 Summer Television Critics Association


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